America’s food equipment service industry is evolving. Costs are increasing, policies are changing and the Service Provider does not have a voice.

But now, there is an opportunity to affect change. It comes from people getting together to create a better solution. That solution is One Voice.

Our industry and our business practices are made up of many small pieces, like a jigsaw puzzle. The way we assemble those pieces ensures our success and our future… One Voice – One Industry – One Goal

One Voice is committed to working with Manufacturers and Customers to find win-win solutions for service issues we all face in the foodservice industry.

Benefits of One Voice

For the Service Provider

  • A liaison between the Manufacturer and the End User
  • Representation as a national entity and not an individual
  • Opportunity to have input on policies before they are implemented
  • Be a leader in win-win solutions for our industry
  • Protecting territorial service markets and contracts

For the Manufacturer

  • Respect – a manufacturer who cares about service and customers
  • Access to “One Voice Council”
  • Avoid backlash from servicers who are unaware of impending policy changes
  • Maintain satisfied customers by reducing pushback on new policies by servicers
  • Seek new solutions to new and old issues

For The End User

  • Manufacturers and Servicers on the same page with policies when they are implemented
  • Access to “One Voice Council”
  • Stable solutions to their concerns instead of policies that only treat symptoms and not the cause
  • Education on issues and how it will affect their bottom line and unit performance
  • Being part of the fair and equitable solution to all

One Voice Council

The “One Voice” Council is a collection of individuals who will bring their unique knowledge and skills to help the Service Provider and our Industry be more competitive and offer specific advice in key areas.

The Council will make recommendations to the “One Voice” membership regarding the most efficient and effective means to help address the needs of our industry and assist “One Voice” in setting priorities. They will then review and monitor the developmental progress and potential issues and share findings with the membership.

One Voice Initiatives

  • Contract Renewals
  • Industry Trends
  • ASA Performance
  • Mandatory Parts Stocking
  • Parts Distribution & Direct
  • Sales To Customers
  • Extended Warranties
  • Training
  • Response Times
  • Labor Rates
  • Travel – Mileage
  • Dealer/Distributor Relations

If you are a Service Provider, Manufacturer or End User and would like to utilize “One Voice” please contact us today.

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