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Performance Standards

National Service Cooperative Service Performance Standards

  1. The Servicer shall conform to all performance standards and participate in all programs established by the NSC.
  2. The Servicer shall remit all monies due the NSC in a timely manner. Unless otherwise agreed, credit terms are net 30 days and delinquent in 45 days.

In addition to the above standards, for all manufacturers who have signed a reseller agreement with the company, the Servicer agrees to abide by the following standards:

  1. The servicer shall provide service in every zip code that they have submitted to the NSC
  2. The servicer shall provide 24-hour service, seven days a week, 365 days a year
  3. The servicer shall provide six (6) hour on-premise time for all emergency service on critical equipment within 50-mile radius. Emergency service outside the 50-mile radius will be responded to, on-premise, within eight (8) business hours
  4. The servicer shall provide service on non-critical equipment within the same day or within eight (8) business hours from time of call, or as directed by the customer
  5. The servicer shall answer all emergency calls requiring a back-ordered part within 48 hours Exceptions include: weekends, unavailable parts, weather or the customers request
  6. The servicer shall provide service (either with in-house service or contract sub-agents) on gas electric, steam, electronics, sanitation, ware washing and refrigeration equipment
  7. The servicer shall be capable of installing one for one pieces of replacement equipment excluding extremely large or heavy pieces such as flight-a-rounds
  8. The servicer shall be able to perform maintenance programs and be able to track the service in a manner approved by the NSC
  9. The servicer shall provide 90-day warranty on service performed
  10. The servicer shall be certain that all technicians with over 3 years experience shall have industry training and be certified through the CFESA certification program in 2 or more areas
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